Why homeowners need secondary glazing

For a long time, many homeowners in UK have been using double and single glazing techniques in an effort to reduce the noise in their houses among other purposes. However, unknown to them, there is another technique that proves to be much more effective when it comes to meeting all their home requirements. This technique is known is secondary glazing and it involves the installation of a supplementary glazing on the inner side of an existing window that has been single-glazed.

This modern technique is relatively easier to install and you can do it your own unlike the aforementioned techniques. The technique is slowly gaining some popularity in the whole of UK and comes with a string of benefits which have been outlined below.

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Read on to discover these benefits.

  1. Reduction of Noise
    One of the top benefits of this technique is its efficiency when it comes to reducing the amount of noise that finds it’s into your house. It has been shown that employing this method reduces noise by up to 70% as compared to other methods. Given that many homes in UK suffer from various forms of noise pollution such as traffic noise, planes, traffic, airports and so on, installing a secondary glazing to your windows might be the best solution for blocking the noise.

Secondary glazed windows stand among others in the ability to block noise due to a number of factors. One such factor is the distance between the window panes. While double glazing uses sealed gas units that are about 24-28mm apart, secondary glazing uses two pieces of glass whose distance starts from 100mm and above.

secondary glazing window

The type of glass used also contributes to the level of noise that would be reduced. Usually, this technique uses the standard 4mm glass which translates to reduction of noise by about 40 decibels (dB).

  1. Increased Thermal Efficiency
    The ability of secondary glazed windows to reduce the heat lost from the house cannot be underrated. One of the top reasons why homeowners replace their existing single-glazed windows is to cut on the heat loss from the house given that windows are the key areas where heat escapes from the house.

Apparently, secondary glazed windows work miracles when used as a method of reducing heat loss from the building. The standard 4mm glass used in this method can halve the amount of health lost through the windows. With the right installation, this method will keep your house warm during cold seasons and can go a long way in reducing your energy bill.

  1. Cost
    Secondary glazing is way cheaper when compared to other glazing techniques. Take for example, double glazing. Double glazing requires completely new units for the installation process, the gap between the panes needs to be airtight or filled with an inert gas, and of course you it is not a Do-It-Yourself project.

On the other hand, secondary glazing does not require completely new units- it simply involves installing supplementary units on the inside of the existing window panes. Additionally, the project is easy to install and you can do it on your own using a DIY kit or hire professionals to handle it.

  1. Convenience
    Secondary gazing is not replacement window. This means that the process is not subject to the UK building regulations. As such, you can easily use the method without having to undergo the time-consuming and expensive approval process of building control. However, it’s important to note that if your property is subject to specific building regulations such as Listed Building Control, you might have to undergo the approval process.
  2. It boosts Security of your Home
    Secondary glazed windows can also improve the security of your home by offering of an additional barrier. It is difficult to open a secondary glazed window from the outside. This means that even if intruders are able to get through the main window (the single glazing), the secondary layer will deter them from entering your house as it will take time to break through.

Useful TIP: When installing a secondary glazing, use hard to break safety glasses e.g. laminated or toughened glasses to improve the security of your windows.

  1. Secondary glazing is environmentally Sound
    Window glazing helps conserve the environment. This is supported by the fact that the process improves thermal efficiency by reducing heat loss and thus the amount of energy consumed. Also, the uPVC used in this method is produced using aluminum. It is a well known that aluminum uses less fossil fuel.
    Another reason to support the above statement is that the technique, unlike other replacement windows methods, does not encourage throwing away old windows which might contribute to landfill. Instead, it extends their lifespan by addition of a new, secondary layer. What’s more, if you would like to remove your secondary glazing, aluminum is a recyclable material that is in high demand and it would therefore not contribute to the landfill.
  2. It promotes a pleasant environment inside the House
    The old single glazing method usually provides ineffective seals and may sometimes fail to close properly. This allows cold draughts, ingress, rattles and vibrations, pollen, dust and other airborne pollutants to enter your house easily. These things might be hazardous to your health. The ideal solution lies in installing secondary glazed windows that provide the most effective tight seals which bars all the above unwanted materials and sounds from getting into your home.
  3. Condensation Control
    Condensation on windows is one of the biggest problems faced by many homeowners in most parts of UK, especially during winter. Luckily, you can eliminate this problem by investing in secondary glazed windows. To help eliminate condensation, Ecoease secondary glazing technology is used. Ecoease generally refers to easy to remove secondary glazing panels that are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), a recyclable plastic.

The fact that these panes can be easily removed makes it easy for you to take them off in summer and put them back in winter.

These are the major benefits you can enjoy today if you invest in secondary glazing. With top benefits such as thermal efficiency, reduced cost, nose reduction and environmental conservation, using this window glazing technique should be the new option for all UK homeowners.

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